COOL SCULPTING: freeze your fat away?

As you mature in age, it becomes very difficult to manage your time and fit the gym into your schedule. From work, to carting kids around, getting the groceries, and managing a household, you’re counting down the minutes until you are able to rest your tired body. So what other options do you have for […]

Tattoo Removal

Any tattoos that you desperately need to go away before you start your new job, have kids that will ask what your tattoo is, or cute outfits that expose your tattoo? The TVV Medi-spa provides you with an incredible opportunity to remove your tattoo with little pain and at your convenience! Their laser slowly removes […]

Laser Hair Removal

Ladies, are you tired of constantly having to shave your legs, underarms, and Brazilian area? or going to get those painful waxes that are expensive and only last about one week? Gentlemen, are those hairy chests and backs becoming a hassle or a sensitive topic? I have a solution for your problems: Laser hair removal. […]