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TVV MediSpa is proud to announce the newest technology to come to Corpus Christi has arrived at our medi spa. As a JuVaShape™ Certified Provider, we are the only medi spa in the area to offer the newest breakthough technology for full body and face rejuvenation. JuVaShape™ uses the latest cutting edge non-invasive radio frequency technology today to deliver concentrated thermal energy to renew, revitalize and refresh your body and face!


Remember a Healthy body equals a beautiful body!

What Is JuVaShape™?

What Is JuVaShape™?

Finally! A full body and face lifestyle solution.

Step 1

JuvaShape Step One
RENEW: Make a beautiful impression for your next big life event by improving the appearance of cellulite on your legs and intimate places.

Step 2

JuvaShape Step One
REVITALIZE: Let's face it, we can't reverse the aging process but we can soften our fine lines and wrinkles. Ask your practitioner about our Microplasma peel resurfacing process, an exclusive JuVaShape™ technology break through.

Step 3

JuvaShape Step One
REFRESH: Bring out your natural beauty by embracing the JuVaShape™ lifestyle and blend a graceful (serene) appearance with inner vitality that radiates confidence.

To find out more about the change that comes with combining health, wellness, and cutting-edge breakthrough technology, contact TVV MediSpa at 361-994-7500 today!


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