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Laser Technology

Laser Hair Removal

Banish unwanted hairs through our professional laser treatment. Our pain-free laser ensures you maximum comfort. A series of 6 is recommended, prices are available during consultatons. More About Hair Removal

Intense Photo Light

Intense Photo Light is an effective procedure for treating sun damage, age spots, and helps diffuse redness. Multiple treatments may be required. More About IPL

Skin Remodeling

This laser targets red and brown pigment while stimulating collagen at the same time, resulting in clear toned skin. A series of 4-6 is recommended. More About Skin Remodeling

Tattoo Removal

Our Q-switch laser can help eliminate your tattoo with minimal side effects. Depending on the size and color of the tattoo number of sessions will vary. Sessions start @$100.More About Tattoo Removal

Toe Nail Fungus

Using a dual laser technique, the laser will selectively heat and destroy harmful fungi. Sessions will vary on severity. Treatments are $100 per session. More About Nail Fungus Removal


Laser resurfacing is the optimal approach to dealing with acne scars and medium to deep wrinkling. The procedure offers best results for rejuvenating skin. More About Skin Resurfacing


The 360 program is comprised of three different lasers to improve tone, texture, and tighten. This treatment is recommended over a period of 60 days. More About 360 Laser

*All laser treatments require a consultation before scheduling an appointment.


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